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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Working with Photos - 3 Siblings

This photo is thought to have been taken in 1909, in Tasmania which was then sent back to Catherine Crump nee Dutton who is the grandmother of the children in the photograph.

 Background of the photo

Date of Photograph
Thought to have been taken in 1909  the baby in the middle was born in September 1908

Venue of photograph
Unknown Tasmanian Photograph Studio

Personal notations
Notation 1 “To Mother with Love from Lillian” by Lillian Bassett (mother of the children)
Notation 2 “Doris, Myrtle William” by Myrtle Sharp nee Bassett (one of the children)
Notation 3 “#20” by Sandra Williamson when originally cataloguing the photo in the 1980s.
Archive Reference

Myrtle Sharp's Private Photo Collection currently held by Sandra Williamson

Image Contents

Left to right Myrtle Bassett, William Bassett and Doris Bassett (siblings)  identified by Myrtle Sharp nee Bassett,  Children of William Bassett & Lillian Crump

Remaining Queries

William Bassett, the baby in the photo, is thought to have been born in Dundas, Tasmania, Australia, however we have never been able to locate either his birth certificate or christening record.[i]  This photo also may have been taken in a photo studio either in Dundas or close by.

[i] NAA: B883, VX21203 William BASSETT

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