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Monday, 28 November 2016

Thomas & Jane Williamson born Ireland lived in England

Looking for my 2nd great grand Parents

Little is known about my 2nd great-grandparents other than what I have been able to glean from the English Census. I have not found any record of Thomas or his family in the 1841 census I am assuming that they left Ireland for England after 1841 and arrived before the 1851 census.
However it is possible that Thomas came out first, and because he came out alone we aren’t able to detect him in the 1841 English census.  He may have come out first to find work etc before the family followed. 
Or he may have followed his pregnant daughter/ daughter-in-law out for some reason, and/or he may have gone to stay with her while looking for work. The possibilities are endless ...

What we know from the census records

1851 (Series HO107 Piece: 2435; Folio: 561; Page: 11)
Wood Street, Maryport, Cumberland, England, UK
1. Thomas Williamson, aged 54, Dock labourer
2. Jane Williamson, aged 50,
3. John Williamson, aged 19, Tailor apprentice
4. James Williamson, aged 15, ship carpenter apprentice

1861 (Series RG9, Piece: 3942; Folio: 17; Page: 27)
Nelson Street, Maryport, Cumberland, England, UK
1. Thomas Williamson, aged 60 Labourer
2. Jane Williamson, wife aged 58
3. Jane Williamson, daughter aged 40 unmarried
4. James Williamson, son, aged 23, Ship carpenter
5. James Williamson, gson, aged 8, scholar

1871 (Series RG10, Piece: 5246; Folio: 77; Page: 35)
8 L Court, Nelson Street, Maryport, Cumberland, England, UK
1. Thomas Williamson, aged 70, labourer
2. Jane Williamson, aged 69
I have not been able to find either one of the ageing couple Thomas or Jane in the 1881 Census.

Known children
1. Jane Williamson (born in Belfast Cir 1821 – death date unknown)
2. John Williamson (born in Belfast Cir 1832-died 1874)
3. James Williamson (born in Belfast Cir 1836-Aft 1891)

Their son John Williamson married Louisa Walker in the Holy Trinity Church, Hoxton, Middlesex, England on the 10 Oct 1853.  Soon after the couple migrated to Australia and John eventually set up a tailor shop in St. Kilda, Victoria. I am descended from John Williamson and Louisa Walker.

Summary of Information from the Censuses 

Thomas was born in Belfast, Ireland between 1797 and 1801 based on the various ages he gave in the 1851, 1861 and 1871 English Census. Thomas’s wife, Jane also was born in Belfast, Ireland.  Their known children were from Belfast Ireland; I have always assumed that the couple were also married in Ireland.

Based on the above information I applied for two death certificates as transcribed below:-

Transcription of Thomas Williamson’s death certificate (1872 June Qtr, Vol 10B page 352)

Registration District         Whitehaven
1872 Death in the Sub-district of Harrington in the County of Cumberland
No. 171
When and where died Fifteenth April 1872 Harrington
Name and Surname Thomas Williamson
Sex Male
Age 72 yrs
Cause of Death Paralyses Certified
Signature, description and residence of informant Henry Robison for attendance Harrington
When registered Sixteenth April 1872
Signature of registrar Edward Brydin Registrar

Transcription of Jane Williamson (1876 June Qtr Vol 10B page 372)

Registration District         Whitehaven
1876 Death in the Sub-district of Whitehaven in the County of Cumberland
No. 394
When and where died Twenty second May 1876 65 SAtrand Street
Name and Surname Jane Williamson
Sex Female
Age 77 years
Occupation Widow of John Williamson [--?--]
Cause of Death (Vascular disease of heart)
Signature, description and residence of informant – Jane Musgrave Daughter. Present at the Death 65 Strand Street, Whitehaven
When registered Twenty fourth  May 1876
Signature of registrar  William  [--?--] Hamilton Registrar


Thomas Williamson [death certificate (1872 June Qtr, Vol 10B page 352)] could be my ancestor but I have nothing to corroborate this at present.  Although the ages make a match the occupation does not.
Jane Williamson [death certificate (1876 June Qtr Vol 10B page 372)] is unlikely to be my ancestor as she was the widow of a John Williamson rather than a Thomas Williamson.  The information on the certificate is likely to be correct as her daughter Jane Musgrave provided the details.

So the challenge is where to next? Any ideas?

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