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Friday, 2 December 2016

John and Louisa's arrived to Australia prior to 1855, but when?

John lived for 19 years in Victoria before he died after immigrating at the age of 23 in 1853/4[1]

Louisa died in 1901 after having lived in Victoria for 47 years which indicates that she must have also migrated in 1853 or 1854.[2]

John & Louisa married in Oct 1853 in England, so we know they were in England at this time. [3]
Their eldest son Thomas is born on 11 Jan 1855 in Waugh Terrace, Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.[4]

They must have migrated shortly afterwards perhaps on the Mary Stoddart which sailed in April 1854 with only a small number of passengers including a Mr & Mrs Williamson (unfortunately first names and ages not listed).

This is the only possible match that I have been able to find  for the couple, the entry reads as follows:

It appears that they were travelling with no children and were both over 21. (Note the  “A” stands for adult not their first initial). [5]

Anon., 'SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE' The Argus, 3 April 1854, p.4 . Retrieved December 2, 2016, from

There is no Louisa listed on the incoming passenger list at all in either the assisted or unassisted passenger lists for incoming shipping to Victoria in from 1853 to Jan 1855 time period.

Has anyone else found them? I'm desperately looking for help, any ideas of where to look next would be wonderful.


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