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Saturday, 6 May 2017

A to Z Reflection Post

This was my first A to Z Challenge. So I came to the task with no preconceived ideas. I have written this post in response to a request from the organisers of the Challenge, who have asked participants to provide feedback and thoughts on the Challenge.  

Below are my answers to their questions:-

What did you like best?  
I liked the feeling of camaraderie, of doing something with a larger group. It also encouraged me visit new blogs which is something that I don’t normally do unless they come up in a Google Search when I am on the hunt for something.

I have had a Blog for a number of years but have never really understood the mechanics of social media.  The initial coaching emails for the AtoZ Challenge from the  moderators were great as they helped me to learn the ropes quickly.  From this base, I was then able to find other resources to supplement my learning which was fantastic.

What did you like least?  

I didn’t do anything I didn’t like.

What worked for you and what didn't? 

As this was my first time to participate, I will probably approach things slightly different next time but how I’m not yet sure.  I wished I’d allocated more time to visit more blogs, I just ran out of time.

You can tell us about favourite themes you ran across during the Challenge.  

Build a Better Blog by Shirly Conder

Romance Spinners which did a fabulous series on a tour of the universe, everyone should check them out.

Or tell us about some of your favourite posts.  

There were so many I’m not sure where to begin

You can even tell us your favourite posts on your own blog.  

A to Z Challenge - Z is for Zero is one of my favourite blogposts where I pull the whole challenge together into one place and can see what I’ve achieved, and where I need to go next.

Perhaps this would be good time to publish a singular list of all those who got through the whole month excellent idea!

I belong to the wider genealogical community where there has been a lot of discussion about whether bloging is dead see a very recent post by Amy Johnson Crow her conclusion is Blogging Isn't Dead; It's Just Different.

Much to think about.

A big thank you to the organisers of the A to Z Challenge who did a wonderful job coordinating and supporting those who participated.  Looking forward to participating next year’s challenge, once I’ve recovered from the 2017 Challenge.


  1. Congratulations, Sandra, on completing your first A to Z Challenge! I enjoyed your posts -- and your excellent observations here -- and appreciated your thoughtful comments on my blog. Here's hoping we can continue to connect throughout the year. And I totally agree -- blogging is still alive and helping us get our family history writing done!

  2. Glad you enjoyed my blog. I really got into Martha Sarah Ellis' story.

  3. Congratulations on finishing your first a to z challenge. Last year was my first year and I remember being overwhelmed by how much time visiting other blogs took during the challenge. It's my favorite part but it does take some planning. I definitely understand what you mean by allocating time to visit other blogs. WeekendsInMaine

  4. Congratulations on your completing your first A to Z. I read a few posts about the death or change in blogging to. I know I'll keep doing it.

    Finding Eliza


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