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Monday, 8 May 2017

Blogging Intentions for May 2017

This month's theme for my Blog Posts after a late start is going to be:-

Convict Ancestors & Relations 

  1. William Carbis (Senior) my fourth Great Grandfather
  2. William Carbis (Junior / The Younger) my third Great Grand Uncle
  3. Francis Bassett also my third Great Grand Uncle
Who arrived in Australia together in 1816.
Artist: Captain N Wallis, Engraving North and South Heads in Port Jackson, c.1818, digital image, Australian National Maritime Museum Collection 00000871 © Commonwealth of Australia 2006 Accessed 8 May 2017 

One post a week for the next four weeks, including today.

These posts were originally created as part of my studies for the Diploma of Family History at UTAS in 2016 and have since been updated for inclusion on my Blog. 


  1. This is an unbelievable penalty for stealing just two sheep -- clearly a crime of survival! Months in jail, more time on the Hulk, and six month at sea -- your ancestor was made of tough stuff to survive all of that and build a life for himself so far from his original home.

    1. It was a harsh sentence. But I also feel sorry for the women they left behind, at least they got to start out fresh. It must have been hard for all concerned.


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