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Friday, 30 June 2017

June & July Reflections & Intentions 2017

My Blogging Reflections for June 2017
June’s blog posts were focused on John Bassett of Madron, baptised 5 September 1790 in St Madern Church of England, Madron, Cornwall. I managed to cover the time period 1790 to 1839 from John’s own baptism to the baptism of his last child.  Before publishing, I doubled checked all the previous research data that I had.  This was a very time consuming but worthwhile process, and where possible I linked records to the appropriate images on Family Search. 
Articles on John Bassett in this June 2017 series were:- 

Article 1 -  Who is John Bassett?

Lessons Learnt

The purpose of my journal is to document my research process and reasons for coming to my conclusions, however I have come to realise after reviewing my articles that I have not included my reasons for arriving at the familial relationships between William Basset the Pauper and his children, nor have I included reasons why I know that the family that I tracked around Cornwall were indeed my target couple.  In some cases I haven’t even documented the reasons in my own research notes – this is definitely something that I need to work harder at.

For the last two months, I have set the topic for the month which has helped both motivate and focus my writing.  This month I am going to challenge myself further and announce the posts in advance.

Blog Posts updated during June 2017

One of the challenges of writing a blog is the fear of making mistakes or publishing too early before one has finished their research.  Such fear can be crippling so to overcome this I update old blog posts to correct errors or to add additional information that has been discovered that is relevant to the topic.
Article 3 - Living in the wake of family disaster 
Originally posted on the 19 June 2017; Updated and revised on 24 June 2017

My Blogging Intentions for July 2017

I will continue to focus on John Bassett of Madron, as I did in June.  This month I hope to track him through the English censuses until he comes out to Australia and the entire family’s migration out to Australia.
Article 5 - Locating John Bassett in the English Censuses.
Intended publication date – Monday 3 July 2017
Article 6 - Locating John Bassett’s adult children in the English Censuses.
Intended publication date - Monday 10 July 2017
Article 7 - When did John Bassett come out to Australia?
Intended publication date - Monday 17 July 2017
Article 8 - Bassett Family from Cornwall to Australia. 
Intended publication date - Monday 24 July 2017
Article 9 – John Bassett’s final resting place in Australia
Intended publication date - Monday 31 July 2017

Image Credits - Sophie Ollis, Untitled, May 31, 2016, digital image, accessed 3 June 2017,  (CC0 1.0), original image modified.

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