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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Staying fresh with old data

On the 23 January 2013 I wrote a post entitled “Crunching the Numbers in preparation for Australia Day”, it helped me to observe very familiar data in a very different way, leading to the possible discovery of the arrival of one my ancestors into Australia, someone who had eluded me for a long time.    I thought I might run a series based on “crunching numbers” from my database to get a bird’s eye view and consequently a new perspective on my ancestors, hopefully leading to different avenues of research and understanding.

My plan – as grand as it is – is to represent the data graphically perhaps using graphics such as graphs or picture grams.   

Just as I was going to post this I received news from Julie at  Angler’s Rest Cassmob at  Family history across the seas about a new February Photo Collage Festival  looks like I’m not the only one working with graphics. 

So now I'm off to create my collage.

Meanwhile here is my first graphic in my series called “Crunching the Numbers” a picture gram based on places were my ancestors were born and died, the larger the type the greater the number of ancestors that were there.

Created using Wordle at 
As you can see there is a strong influence from both England and in particular Cornwall and Australia.

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