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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Two John Bassetts – Barking up the wrong tree

On John Bassett’s death certificate (died in Eaglehawk) in 1868 at the age of 80 and the parents given on his death certificate were William Bassett and Mary Unknown.  

Therefore it was deducted that he must have been born in circa 1788.  Research turned up a John Bassett christened 27 March 1788, St Izzey, Cornwall his parents were William Bassett and Mary Symons.  At this point we felt very excited that we had found our John.  However, after further research a descendant was found in Roma, Queensland who refuted our claim of kinship – in the nicest way possible. 
The following information was forwarded for us to digest:-
John Bassett [son of William Bassett (1761-1831) & Mary Symons (1767-1832)]Christened  27 Mar 1788 in St Izzy, Cornwall who died 7th Oct 1851 in Fairwater House, Taunton Somerset.  John was a lunatic confined to Fairwater House Lunaic Asylum for many years admitted July 1828 having previously been a patient at a similar establishment near Tauton, Fivehead House since 25 Oct 1822.  This was a wholesale move and transfer of licence from the one to the other asylum by the same surgeon/owner.  Private patient.  Cause of death peritonitis and effusion in the chest (Somerset RO 1/5/87)
 And so it was back to the drawing board.

Eventually the issue was solved slowly by comparing signatures in the parish marriage registers. It was a long process but now we think that our John Bassett is the son of William Bassett & Jane Mathews. 

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