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Sunday, 13 January 2013

The finding the parents of Martha Carbis

On Martha Carbis’ death certificate it states that her father’s name was Richard Carbis and her Mother was Ann unknown.  Her father was a Mariner according to the death certificate.
However we couldn't find a Richard Carbis as a father of a Martha Carbis who would fit the profile we needed.  As death certificates are not reliable source of information we looked further afield to the Marriage entry in the parish register for John Bassett and Martha Carbis of Paul. 
 Transcription of wedding banns“The Banns of Marriage between John Bassett and Martha Carbis were duly published without denial.  John Bassett Sojouner of this Parish and Martha Carbis of this Parish were   Married in this Church by George  ??this 15th Day of March in the Year One Thousand eight Hundred and twelve by me Warrick (maybe Warwick) (unable to decipher) George - Curate (unable to decipher). This marriage was solemnized between Us {the mark XXX of John Bassett, the mark XXX of Martha Carbis. In the presence of Daniel Drew and R. Pentreach”

The witness on those Banns was a Daniel Drew caught our interest.  On investigation a Carbis family whose mother’s maiden name was Drew was located.  The husband of this Ann Drew was a William Carbis.
The fact that the death certificate stated the father’s name to be Richard was not discounted until we came across certain evidence[1] as to why Martha would change her father’s first name came to light.
We have now accepted that Martha’s parents were William Carbis and Ann Drew of Paul Parish, Cornwall.

[1] Convict in nature

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