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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The scandal of it all!!

For a long time I had assumed that Hezekiah had only married one wife whose name was Mary, the second marriage certainly wasn't mentioned on his death certificate which was filled out by his daughter, Rebecca, so one would have assumed that she would have known about her step mother – am I detecting some disapproval for his second marriage here?

The death certificate for Hezekiah’s first wife is filled out by a friend, which is consistent with Hezekiah not being able to write.  It is interesting to note that the certifying doctor for Mary (first wife) has the same surname as the woman that Hezekiah eventually marries.  Was there a connection between the doctor and the second wife – it boggles the mind but would perhaps explain why Rebecca didn't acknowledge the second marriage on her father’s death certificate.

Three years almost to the day Hezekiah remarries another Mary.  This marriage happens in a private residence, none of the family were witnesses …. Interesting.

In the intervening period between the marriage and his second wife dying it appears that Hezekiah's daughter Rebecca moves away so when the second wife dies it is his grandson not his daughter or son-in-law who helps fill out the paperwork.  It would also seem that Hezekiah moves to live with his daughter in Clifton Hill before he dies.

It looks like I will be hitting the electoral rolls to find out where everyone was during these years perhaps Mary Malcolm is living with her son the doctor (?) in main street Chewton in 1876/1877.  I haven’t managed to find any in the newspapers at TROVE either, any mention of any of these events.

If only the walls could talk..........

Source Documents

Death Certificate Mary Bennetts
Transcription of Marriage certificate (#2051 yr 1878)
When and where died – 15th August 1875, Mont Street, Borough Chewton, County Talbot
Name & Profession – Mary Bennetts
Sex & Age – Female, 70 years
Cause – Old age, worn out, not known for how long, last seen by Dr. J.B.Malcolm on 5th August 1878
Parents – Thomas Nance Farmer, Rebecca Nance M.N not known
Informant – Philip Hitting, Friend, Chewton
Signature of registrar, date & where registered – James R Nicks, 15 August 1878,Chewton
Burial –18th August 1879, Chewton Cemetery, K.  Dennis
Name of minister & witnesses – J. Carey, Wesleyan Minister, Joshua Jacka, R. Pollard
Where and how long in the colonies – Perranzubla, Cornwall, England, 22 years in Victoria
Married where, at what age and to whom  - Perranzubla, Cornwall, England, age not known, Hezekiah Bennetts.
Children names in order of birth & age – Mary Jane died,  ?? 36, Mary Jane died, Rebecca 29, Mary Ann 26

Marriage Certificate of Hezekiah Bennetts & Mary Bullus
Transcription of Marriage certificate (#4877, 1878)
Schedule D
1878 Marriages solemnized in the District of Castlemaine in the Colony of Victoria
When and where married – The fourteenth day of November 1878, St Simple home, 6 Bant St, Chewton
Groom – Hezekial Bennetts, widower 16th August 1818 Children 2 living, 4 dead Birthplace  Perron, Cornwall, England, Profession Quartz miner, age 60, residence Mount Street, Chewton, Parents Philip Bennetts, farmer  and Nancy Bennetts maiden name unknown
Bride – Mary Malcolm Bullus, widow 21st May 1814 Children 4 living, 2 dead, birthplace ??, ???, Scotland, Rank – Lady, age 66, Residence Main Street, Chewton, Parents David Malcolm, profession ??  Mary Malcolm, maiden name unknown.
I George Hollinghorn, being a Congregational minister do hereby certify, that I have this day, at the Bridegroom’s house, Mount Street, Chewton duly celebrated the marriage between Hezekiah Bennetts Quartz miner of Chewton and Mary Malcolm Bulls of Chewton after Notice and Declaration duly made and published, as by law required.  Dated the fourteenth day of November 1878. 
Marriage by License, was solemnized between us according to the Rites of the Congregational Church Hezekiah Bennetts X his mark, Mary Malcolm Bullus X her mark. Witnesses George Denin’s, ?? Hocking.
Death Certificate Mary Bennetts (second wife)
Transcription of death certificate (#1082 yr 1895)
When and where died – March 22nd 1895, Shields Street, Borough of Chewton, county Talbot
Name & Profession Mary Bennetts, Domestic
Sex & Age – Female, 87 years
Cause –  Old Age Debility for Years, Dr Wolley last seen 12 January 1895
Parents – particulars unknown
Informant -  Edwin Knight Jacka, stepgrandson, Chewton
Signature of registrar, date & where registered – Eliza Johnson, March 28th 1895, Chewton, Victoria
Burial – March 24th 1895, Chewton Cemetery, Undertaker Thomas Odyess
Name of minister & witnesses - Thomas Odyess, Weslyan, John Lamb, Henry Dyers
Where and how long in the colonies – Paisley, Scotland, 40yrs in Victoria
Married where, at what age and to whom  - Chewton, Victoria, aged 72 to Hezekiah Bennetts
Children names in order of birth & age - Nil
Death Certificate Hezekiah Bennetts
Transcription of death certificate (#1198, yr1900)
Deaths in the District of Clifton Hill in the Colony of Victoria
When and where died - 26 January 1900, Parslow Street, Clifton Hill, City of Collingwood, County of Bourke
Name & Profession - Hezekiah Bennetts, miner
Sex & Age - Male 82 years
Cause – Arthemia(?) 3 months, Dr. F. Laylar Downie last seen 18 January 1900
Parents - William Bennetts, Miner & Nancy Unknown
Informant - Rebecca Jacka, Daughter, 4 Parslow St, Clifton Hill
Signature of registrar, date & where registered - Mary Brookes, 27 January 1900, clifton Hill
Burial - 28 January 1900, Melbourne Cemetery, Undertaker - ?. Fergurson
Name of minister & witnesses -Gill. G,G.A.G. Clowes, James Arehitala
Where and how long in the colonies - Cornwall, England about 45 years Victoria
Married where, at what age and to whom  - Cornwall, England, about 21 years, Mary Nance
Children names in order of birth & age - Mary Jane - dead; Mary dead, Rebecca 50 Mary ann dead

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