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Friday, 1 February 2013

Day 1 -The Family History Writing Challenge

To see my first post for the Challenge you will need to click "A firm Religious foundation"
A few observations  -
The more I write the less I feel I know, there are several threads in John Ebbott's life  which wind together to create an increasingly interesting story, I knew he had been heavily into the Wesleyan Church movement but I hadn't until now realised how much this was part of his Cornish heritage and perhaps mould his actions as he grew older.

This got me pondering about the evolution of religion in John's family

John’s great grandparents John Ebbott & Wilmot Baker 
Their children were baptised at different churches in the same area

When Philip Upton Ebbott came to have his own children there doesn't seem to be a strong pull back to the traditional church and his children are baptised as Wesleyan Methodists.
John’s father grew up in a Wesleyan Methodist home in Cornwall at time when Wesleyan Methodism was sweeping Cornwall

The children of John Ebbott & Sally Bone (John's parents)
  1. 1840 John EBBOTT Launceston, Wesleyan Methodist  father - John
  2. 1843 Phillip Henry EBBOTT Rilla Mill, W.M. Chapel Parents - John & Sarah 
  3. 1846 Emma Jane EBBOTT Rilla Mill, W.M. Chapel Parents - John & Sarah 
  4. 1850 William EBBOTT  Launceston, Wesleyan Methodist  Parents – John & Sarah

John was not christened in the same church as his father nor his aunt who was his father’s only sibling, or even his mother, even though they were all born in the same area. 

I haven’t been able to find all of siblings of John Ebbott born 1840. 

      5.  Julius born 13 Dec 1841 seems to have been buried 13 days later, so may not have been christened.

The last two children (I haven’t been able to locate their baptism records yet  - added to my to do list.)
      6. Fredrick Francis Ebbott born in Australia in the Castlemaine district, Victoria
      7.   Helen Harriet Ebbott born in Australia in the Castlemaine district, Victoria.

Unfortunately the scanned baptismal records for the Non-Conformist Churches in Cornwall are not freely available to check online so I have used the On-Line-Parish Clerks site to locate their christenings.


  1. Hi Sandra...all the best with this challenge. It is a real challenge isn't it? I envy you having Non-Conformist ancestors as it were. I am studying a short course in Non-Conformists through Pharos but don't think I have any really or none that I can identify easily. I wish I had ancestors in Cornwall - I remember my visit to Cornwall when I was 10 very fondly - Polperro was magical.

  2. I'd be interested to know what you feel about the Pharos course. Please feel to borrow my ancestors if you need a study subject. I wish I knew more about the the Non-Conformists it's hard to get solid information - or at least I haven't yet been able to work it out yet. I'd really like to know how they were accepted by the community around them as the movement grew, as that would have had an impact on my lot. Good luck with your course.


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