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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Photo 10 from Adelaide to Victoria

Forest Creek from road to Castlemaine 1857 
The Ebbott's cam to Australia in 1852 and family legend has it that they travelled across land to Victoria where they settle, other than family oral history I don't have any more evidence of how they travelled.  It always seemed more likely to me that they would have come by sea  if I review what was being advertised at the time in the newspapers
Advertisement for passage SA to Melbourne Saturday 4 September 1852
but then I am reminded of the words written in John Ebbott's obituary that said
"A long illness, however had proved very prejudicial to his temporal interests; and with a view to the improvement of his circumstances, and providing for his young family, he immigrated to Australia." The Wesleyan chronicle. (Publisher/Date: Melbourne : Shaw, Harnett & Co., 1857- ;  Location: Microfiche ; LTMF; Call Number: 131' Volume/Item: 1857:Oct. 1- 1875:Apr. 20;), 1867 page 8 Fiche 30.  
so there wasn't any money for the entire family to travel in such comfort particularly if the goal was to purchase a farm, all money must be set aside for that goal.
Land sales in The Argus Thursday 13 March 1856

There is a very interesting site from the Cornish Association of Victoria that deals with Overland from South Australia to the Victorian goldfields 1851-52; routes taken, modes of travel, conditions experienced which is fascinating and I am hoping one day to follow one of their guides and retrace the steps that my ancestors may have taken.  Now all I need is a travelling companion and money, camping on the side of the road doesn't really appeal to me.


  1. Ah but camping would be so much ore authetic Sandra ;-)

  2. Hi Sandra, Am delighted to help with your excellent research: your John Ebbott(aged 11) was a South Australian Government "assisted" passenger aboard the "Gloucester" leaving London/Plymouth on 30 Apr 1852 & arriving here, in Port Adelaide, on 13 Aug 1852 with his parents and brother Phillip(8) & sister Emma(5). William(1) was one of deaths on board, most probably from measles or scarlatina.
    For further details just google "The Ships List"... click on Passenger Lists (at the top) then scroll down to "Immigrants to South Australia (UK assisted passengers)". In the list of arrivals for 1852 just click on "Gloucester" and there they are :-) Happy hunting...cheers Catherine.

  3. Thanks for the link to that 'Overland Gold' site Sandra. Very useful. My Randall ancestors came overland from South Australia to Victoria in the 1850s.


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