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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Photo 5 - An aerial shot of the first Ebbott farm

I was trolling the web, as all family history do and I found this site will the following information including a photo of what is supposedly one of the first Ebbot Farms in Australia.

It is amazing what you can find on the web.
The following information was provided:-

Ruin site. Remnants of granite and brick hearth/chimney in situ and there is possibly some granite foundations. The area is marked by a low mound adjacent to the wayside stop and a large cypress tree. There are two old fruit trees to the east of the site. The area if the site is approximately 50 x 50 metres./n/n
Heritage Inventory Significance: High local historical significance. This building was one of earliest houses in Faraday, and served as the Faraday school before the construction of the Faraday School in 1869.
Unfortunately there are no contact details either for the local historical society or for the person who put up the details and I don't know quite where to start to find more information but someone out there knows something and I'm on their trail.

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