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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Photo 2 - churchyard cemetery of St. Winwolaus, Tremaine, Cornwall

Having waited so long to see the gravestones it felt very special to be able to walk around the churchyard and take my own photo of them.  I had no idea that the four graves stones would be standing all in a line,  I had been expecting to have to search the entire yard.  Unfortunately the faces on the grave stones are slowly deteriorating over time, but wording on the front is still visible.   

Left to right:-
Gravestone 1 – Mary Jane Ebbott who died at the age of 3 and the great granddaughter of John Ebbott & Wilmot Baker
Gravestone 2 – John Ebbott (the son of Gregory Abbott & Dorothay Upton) & his wife Wilmot Baker (daughter of John Baker & Margery Hambly)
Gravestone 3 – Margery Baker nee Hambly mother of Wilmot Baker and wife to John Baker
Gravestone 4 – John Baker father to Margery Baker and husband to Margery Baker nee Hambly
Transcriptions of the headstones
Gravestone 1 - Mary Jane Ebbott
To the Memory of
Mary Jane
Daughter of
Philip & Grace Ebbott
of the Parish of Tresmere
Who died April 26th 1848
Aged 3 years

Gravestone 3 – Margery Baker
wife of John Baker of this
Parish who was Buried the
16th day of August 1815
In the 84th Year of her Age
Reader who looking on this lettered stone
My fate deploring though let's of thy own
On this I portent truth do though rely
To thee both death and judgement day be nigh

Gravestone 4 – John Baker
Here lieth the Body of John
Baker of this Parish who was
Buried the 29th day of July
1793 in the 63rd year of his age


  1. What an experience to walk in the Churchyard and photograph the gravestones yourself Sandra, especially to see some dating from the late 18th century! I am looking forward to my opportunity in the future to visit the UK and Ireland and do similar.

  2. Isn't it great that you were able to get photos and read the inscriptions before they disappear. My husband had a similar experience in Hertfordshire, revealing more about his family.


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