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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The data behind 1851 Census story for the Ebbott family

Earlier today I posted another up date  for the Family history writing challenge entitled  The Ebbott Family in 1851 Census to see the full story, but behind that story is a lot of supporting data.  It takes a lot of data to build a story without which the story is just a myth or so I'm lead to believe, which is why I try to document all before beginning to write the story. Before I begin I thought it would be timely to show how I am connected to the person that I am writing about on my associated Blog "The Life of John Ebbott"
Living in Cornwall within a 5 mile radius of Tresmeer

Philip & Mary Ebbott were living in the same place where they had been in 1841 in Trerummer, Tresmeer, Cornwall, England as they were in 1841 (Cornwall Online Census Project-1851) 
(Transcript of Piece HO107/1899 (Tresmeer & Tremaine); Enumeration District 3 & 5; Civil Parish of Tresmeer accessed on Friday 22 July 2005). )
1.  Philip Ebbott aged 76 a Retired Farmer
2.  Mary Ebbott, Philip's Wife aged ,68
3.  William Ebbott aged 21, their youngest son is unmarried and working as a Farm Servant was still living at home with his retired father.

Philip Ebbott has moved from his in-laws house in Trengane, Warbstow and is now living on the same property to his retired father.  In 1841, Philip had been living with his wife’s widowed mother  as a newly married couple, in Trengane, Warbstow.  Grace’s mother has retired and come with them to the farm.
(source: Cornwall Online Census Project-1851 (Transcript of Piece HO107/1899 (Tresmeer & Tremaine); Enumeration District 3 & 5; Civil Parish of Tresmeer accessed on Friday 22 July 2005))
1.  Philip Ebbott,Head,M,41,,Farmer 90 Acres 4 Labs
2.  Grace Ebbott,Wife,M,,40
3.  Elizabeth Ebbott,Dau,,,9
4.  Philip Ebbott,Son,,3
5.  Grace Ebbott,Dau,,,1
6.  William Reed,Servnt,U,18,,Farm Servant
7.  Philippa Jenkin,Servnt,U,,16,House Servant
8.  Elizabeth Piper,Ma-Law,W,,66,Retired Farmers widow

Next door in the home of Mr & Mrs Daw there is an Elizabeth Ebbott who is 5 months old, a nurse child although to which Ebbott she belongs has not yet been established.

Margery (Bluett) was living with her family in Congheale, Alternon, Cornwall, England
(1851 Cemsus of England and Wales; digital images, The Generations Network, Inc., 2005, "HO107/1899," ( )
1.        William Bluett  38 farmer of 100 acreas
2.        Margery Bluett 29
3.        Mary Ann Bluett    12
4.        Lydia Bluett     10 scholar
5.        William Bluett  8  scholar
6.        Elizth Bluett     7  scholar
7.        John Bluett       4 scholar
8.        George Rice     21 farm servant
9.        Jame Cobbledick              17 farm servant
10.     Jane Robert      17 farm servant

Gregory Ebbott’s wife and child has returned to Tresmeer without him, possibly in 1849.
Church Town, Tresmeer and living a few doors away from Philip and Grace Ebbott.
(Cornwall Online Census Project-1851 (Transcript of Piece HO107/1899 (Tresmeer & Tremaine); Enumeration District 3 & 5; Civil Parish of Tresmeer accessed on Friday 22 July 2005).)
1.        Uriah Mathew,Head,M,73,,Farmer 120 Acres 1 Lab
2.        Catherine Mathew,Wife,M,,59,,Tresmeer Cornwall
3.        Thomas Mathew,Son,U,28,,,Tresmeer Cornwall
4.        Uriah Mathew,Son,U,24,,,Tresmeer Cornwall
5.        Catherine Ebbott,Dau,M,,33,,Tresmeer Cornwall
6.        Caroline Ebbott, Grndau,,,5 who was born in West Leonia America Overseas Brit. Subj
7.        Mary Luxton,Servnt,W,,43,House Servant)

Preparing to leave Australia
Still living in Cornwall but slightly further afield having moved since 1841 is John and Sarah Ebbott who are possibly preparing to leave we Australia which he and his family finally do a year later.

John & Sarah Ebbott are now living in West Gate, Launceston St Mary, Cornwall, with their young family
(, "1841 England Census," database online, Operations Inc,  ( : accessed 27 Dec 2009), entry for Family of John & Sarah Ebbott, Badharick, Lines 7- 9, Civil Parish: Egloskerry; County: Cornwall;; PRO HO107/134/6; Page: 7.)
1.  John Ebbott aged,42 and a Farmer
2.  Sarah Ebbott,Wife aged 33
3.  John Ebbott aged 11
4.  Emma Ebbott aged 4
5.  William Ebbott aged 11m
Phillip, their youngest son is living with his Uncles Julius  Bone who is living next daughter to William Bone at Polhilsa, Stoke Climsland, Cornwall some 6.5 Miles (10.4 Kms) away to the North West
(Cornwall Online Census Project—1851, Transcript of Piece HO107/1899 (Part 8) (Folio 559 Page 8, Enumeration District 4a, Civil Parish of Stoke Climsland, Eccl. District of - ; Transcription/Checking Team was Mike Beck (UK), Paul Brewer (UK) and Andy Chenhall (UK); accessed at )
1.  William Bone,Head, single, 34, Jointly Farms 70 Acres 4 Men
2.  Julius Bone,Head,single, 33,,Jointly Farms 70 Acres 4 Men
3.  Philip Ebbott, Nephew, 8
4.  Mary Ann Lemon, Servnt, single, 23, House Keeper
Both of John’s uncles are single and jointly farming the property however according to the 1851/52 Voters List for Stoke Climsland, in the Polling District of Callington it is Julius BONE who has rents the Polhilsa  house and land as occupier[i]

Already Living Abroad
Henry Ebbott had migrated to Canada in 1846 as a Methodist Minister. (mentioned in The Canadian Almanac and Directory 1852-1853 page 41 accessed at on 5/2/2013)

Gregory Ebbott had migrated to the US in 1845
(but his wife had returned and was living back in Cornwall with her father

Mary (Uglow) had migrated to the USA  with her husband possibly as early at 1844 to Sullivan, Jefferson, Wisconsin, United States[ii]
1.        Edward Uglow 47  farmer on quite a large property
2.        Mary Uglow     46
3.        Wilmar Uglow  18
4.        Wm Uglow       18
5.        Edward Uglow 4
6.        Ellen Uglow     4
7.        Elizabeth Uglow   20

Passed away
1.        Wilmot had already passed away

2.        Elizabeth (Reed) died in 1843, the family that she left behind in Tregathman, Sithney, Cornwall with only the eldest and youngest girls leaving home, the youngest girl Charlotte has gone two doors away to live with her uncle’s family Joseph Reed.

3.        Mary Jane Fryan had died on 15 Apr 1847 and was buried in Badharlick, Egloskerry, 4 years after her only son died.

[i] 1851/52 Voters List for Stoke Climsland, in the Polling District of Callington
[ii] (  Seventh Census of the United States, 1850; Year: 1850; Census Place:  Sullivan,  Jefferson,  Wisconsin; Roll:  M432_1000; Page:  184A; Image:  365.)

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